Stop Your Water Damage From Spreading

J and M Contracting offers interior home remodeling services in Chesterfield, VA

Trust an experienced contractor to make your interior look like new.

To repair your water damage and remodel your home's interior, call J and M Contracting LLC now. We'll perform a home inspection at no charge and then offer you a free repair estimate.

Rely on us to resolve the storm damage

Rely on us to resolve the storm damage

Those water patches along your walls may seem permanent, but with the right products and experience, they can easily be removed. J and M Contracting LLC offers a variety of interior services for those problem areas, including:

  • Interior repairs to fix leaks behind the walls
  • Drywall repairs with specialized sheetrock
  • Painting services to seal the repairs and cover the damaged colors

To discuss your issues with a sheetrock expert or professional painter in the Chesterfield, VA area, call us today at 804-878-9164. We'll restore your home's interior in no time.